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Wedding Photography

Soulful Photography Specializes in wedding photography. Focusing on a special event when it comes to celebrities that captures hearts of many people when it comes to celebrities of whom they know most in silver screens.

Candid Photography

A candid pics is a photograph captured naturally and it is the latest trend of people who prefer fashion as their passion, in other words casual and gradual snaps taken without any notice or without creating a main stream appearance.

Baby Portraits

The best emotions of the baby can be captured immediately after they are born and in general the new born photography session can be planned within their first year.

Pre Wedding Shoot

A new life begins only with best memories that has been engraved in heart’s. Capturing these most precious moments are speechless. Some people think they need time to react for a simple snap but a simple snap can speak a lot of words in minds than lips.

MATERNITY Photography

Pregnancy phase is very vital in a couple’s life celebrating their moment of making a family. Photographers / artists around the globe are making beautiful photographs of the mom-to-be as fine-art portraits for their Maternity Memoirs.


we offer best service and good price for your wedding outdoor photoshoot and indoor photoshoot like classic, creative, modeling, bridal shoot.